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How To Treat Whitefly On Plants? Organic – Epsom Salt

How to Treat Whitefly infestation on plants How to treat whitefly on plants systemically can we divide into 4. Namely: Natural control. Orderly planting simultaneously in large areas. Plant barrier plants. Avoid when generative growth from hot weather. Effective insecticide control. [1] The five ways above are a united (systemic) step in overcoming the whitefly infestation on a garden. If...

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Treatment for Anthracnose Organically With Papaya Latex

Perform Treatment For Anthracnose Early Anthracnosis is a plant disease caused by the fungus Colletotrichum capsici. Besides being known as anthracnose, this disease is also known as plant canker. Canker plant caused by fungi with the genus Colletotrichum spp. However, specifically found more from the type C. Capsici. The environment that supports the development of this fungus is almost the...