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How to Make Homemade Organic Liquid Fertilizer From Cow’s Dung

Why use liquid fertilizer? Organic liquid fertilizer is a fertilizer as in general, but in the form of liquid. It’s ingredients are also made from natural ingredients. For example, from livestock manure such as cattle, goats, rabbits, horses, buffalo and chickens. Or, it also can be made from vegetable waste. For the plants, actually, there is no difference between organic...


How to Make Cow Manure Compost with EM4

I will make a little intro this time. This I have to do, because I think it is necessary to write it. Ok, lets go. The weakness of cow manure compost All the farmers in the village know that organic fertilizer is better, right? But why? Although they know that the organic fertilizers are good, in fact, few are willing...


Making Goat Manure Compost with EM4

How much manure does a goat produce? Waste from goat farms are many kinds. Among them are goat manure and the remains of inedible goat feed. This waste is usually not utilized optimally by farmers. Usually this garbage is only collected in somewhere and then burned. Whereas, if the information can be given appropriately, the use of livestock waste can...