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Herbs For Broilers on 3800 Chicks Population

Herbs for weight gain broilers. Herbal ingredients are currently being researched to replace growth promoter antibiotics (AGP). Because the official rules were only applied in January 2018 yesterday. Especially at my place. In Europe, the ban on the use of AGP has been enforced for a long time. Namely since 2006. 12 years later, then we did it. AGP is...

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Indigofera Tinctoria Plant For Goat, Cattle, Don’t For Poultry

What is the Indigofera tinctoria plant? Indigofera tinctoria is one of the important plants in human life. This plant is classified as a type of leguminous plants or legumes. This is because the fruits of Indigofera plants are pods. like this. In the field of animal feed, this plant is included in the type of legume plant. As a good...


How To Get Cow Pregnant Faster 5 Steps With High Possibility

Geting cow pregnant faster The essence of how to make a cow get pregnant quickly is to make right away the cow to lust (estrus). Because mating starts with lust, and cows can get pregnant if they start mating first. There are no cows who can get pregnant without mating first. And it’s useless if a cow doesn’t being lust....