Goat Scabies Treatment With Liquid Smoke

Goat scabies treatment

Goat diseases caused by parasites include scabies, digestive tract disorders, and liver flukes.

Scabies in goats and sheep caused by Sarcoptes scabei infection often attacks goats and sheep.

This scabies causes scabs on the skin all over the body.

The goat or sheep becomes restless due to itching, decreased appetite, and thinness. If the disease is very severe and not treated immediately it can cause death.

This disease is very contagious to other animals and also to humans.

Scabies is a disease that is often found in goats and sheep. The cause of this scabies disease is the Sarcoptes scabies mite.

Symptoms of this scabies disease are that goats or sheep experience itching, skin scabs, hair loss in infected areas, and at an advanced stage the skin can thicken and multiply.

Scabies can be transmitted easily through direct contact, and materials in cages such as fences, feed bins, and other materials that have been contaminated by this disease.

This scabies disease can cause huge losses to goat or sheep farms.

Goats or sheep that get scabies or scabies can experience weight loss, decreased meat production, poor skin quality, and may also interfere with the health of the surrounding community.

Also, goats or sheep that get scurvy if they are sold will be bargained cheaply.

There is enough medicine for scabies.

Among them is traditional medicine. Scabies that attacks goats can be treated with used oil mixed with sulfur.

The method of treatment is by applying the mixture to the skin or the body of a goat/sheep that is affected by scabies.

Liquid Smoke in goat scabies treatment

Liquid smoke can be used as a medicine for scabies or scabies. It turns out that this material is quite effective in overcoming scabies/scabies in goats.

More interestingly, the raw material for making liquid smoke is from the leftovers of the feed. The rest of the feed is like twigs and leaves that goats don’t eat.

Before making liquid smoke, the remaining feed is dried in the sun first.

Simply put, this liquid smoke is a distilled product from the leftovers of the goat’s feed.

In essence, wood, twigs, and leaves can also be put in a large stove and then burned.

During combustion, the furnace must be tightly closed, there is only one hole or channel for the flow of combustion smoke from inside the furnace.

This stream of smoke is then cooled. Due to cooling, this smoke will condense and form liquid smoke.

The liquid smoke that is formed is then stored and used to treat scabies or scabies.

The scientific explanation for liquid smoke is like this:

The scientific process that occurs during the manufacture of liquid smoke is the pyrolysis process.

Pyrolysis or thermolysis is a chemical decomposition/overhaul process using heating in the absence of oxygen.

This process is part of the carbonization process, which is the process of obtaining carbon or charcoal.

So, some say that part of the pyrolysis process is High-Temperature Carbonization (HTC), which is more than 500 ºC.

The pyrolysis process produces a product in the form of solid fuel, namely carbon and liquid in the form of a mixture of tar and several other substances.

Other products are gases in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and several gases in small amounts.

The result of this pyrolysis is smoke in the form of a thick black liquid.

This liquid smoke contains a lot of hydrocarbons and polyphenol compounds derived from plants.
Hydrogen is also present in the production of this liquid smoke.

Liquid smoke is a liquid-vapor disperse in water or condensation liquid from coconut shell wood pyrolysis or similar materials to produce liquid smoke which has smoke specific properties.

Liquid smoke has antioxidative properties and can be classified as a natural antioxidant.

Liquid Smoke Content & Benefits

The liquid smoke obtained is then tested in the laboratory and the results are as shown in the table below:

Active compoundAmount in%

o-Cresol is a phenolic compound.

In the industrial world, o-Cresol is used to kill various types of insects. o-Cresol is also usually added in cleaning products for its function as a disinfectant.

The function of the guaniacol & p-ethylguanicol compounds is to disinfect.

This creosol compound functions as an antifungal and antimicrobial are also used as an insecticide and dipping drug in animals with little toxicity.

These ingredients have killed the Sarcoptes scabiei parasite and its secondary effects can be treated.

From the results of the study, it was reported that goats that were exposed to scabies with treatment using liquid smoke recovered in 2 weeks.

The dosage of treatment is carried out 3 times in the two weeks. Not exactly 3 times, but on average 3 times in 2 weeks.

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