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14 Herbal Recipes for Goat Appetite

Appetite stimulant for goats is an additional feed that functions as a booster to increase feed consumption. However, much or little feed consumption can be affected by many things. For example, feed palatability, ambient temperature, and goat health.

In my opinion, the level of appetite for goats is different. Many things affect goats in this matter of appetite.

Among them are the level of feed palatability and the conditions of the goats themselves. Goats that are sick or unhealthy, of course, their appetite will be different from normal goat appetites.

For normal goats, their appetite is sometimes different. For certain types of forage, for example, elephant grass, cassava leaves, etc., one goat can eat greedily while the other is not certain.

If the types of feed are the same, automatically the feed palatability is the same. However, some goats are more eager to eat the feed. Maybe at times like this, it is necessary to have an appetite-enhancing herbal medicine.

For the goat’s appetite-enhancing herbal medicine, many of its products are sold in the market. Just buy and give it directly to the goats.

Giving according to the instructions for use, of course. Or you can consult the nearest veterinarian.

For long-term use, this will be a hassle. It is a hassle to have to buy continuously and bother in the bag.

The risk of non-herbal products may have side effects if used for a long time.

I got an article that provides an alternative appetite stimulant for goats with herbs. The recipe is herbal and seems easy to follow.

The recipes include the following:

1 . Salt and taro leaves

appetite stimulant for goats with herbs

3 pieces of taro leaves and 3 tablespoons of salt. Served as a goat’s appetite enhancer, taro leaves and table salt are cooked simultaneously for 15 minutes.

The cooked leaves are then given to the goats whose lose appetite. This is a recipe for appetite enhancers per goat.

If you have 20 goats, that means 60 taro leaves and 60 tablespoons of table salt.

But are taro leaves preferred by goats or are they good palatability? or should the gift be forced? just try…

2 . Kaempferia galanga and egg yolk

appetite stimulant for goats with herbs

Kaempferia galanga and chicken egg yolk. 1 ounce fresh kaempferia galanga, mashed. Finely mixed kaempferia galanga with 1 egg yolk. Mix and stir until evenly distributed.

Give it to goats for 3 days until the goat’s appetite returns to normal.

3 . Shrimp paste

Antidesma bunius leaves, elephant bitter ginger, and shrimp paste. Antidesma bunius leaves, elephant bitter ginger tuber, and added with enough shrimp paste until smooth. After that, brewed with boiled water, just a little water.

Then it is squeezed and the juice is fed to the goats whose appetite is reduced.

4 . Cucumber

Cucumber, salt, tamarind, and shrimp paste.

2 mashed cucumber, then add salt, tamarind, shrimp paste, and a little water. All ingredients are mixed and stirred so that they are evenly distributed and then ready to be fed to the goats whose appetite is reduced.


Curcuma aeruginosa, Curcuma zanthorrhiza, turmeric, Kaempferia galanga, 10 -15 noni. All the ingredients are finely ground then given with the goat ration once a week.


Two banana combs cooked in coconut milk plus coconut sugar and salt. Everything is cooked until it becomes porridge and then given to the goats to taste


Some free-range chicken eggs mixed with a bottle of soy sauce are given once a day to taste.


Make a mixture of brown sugar, tamarind (Tamarindus indica), and a few chicken eggs. Given every day until appetite recovers.


#Papaya leaves (Carica papaya Linn) crushed and then squeezed, the water is mixed with a few chicken eggs, given to taste.


#Gist (prickly bread) or ferment 10 gr ground with 50 gr garlic. The way of giving is mixed with grass or water, given 2 times a week.


# (Zingiber aromatica) and Temulawak (Curcuma xanthoriza) then crushed + soy sauce + a little water, cooked, given 2 times a week.


# For calves (weaning off) a mixture of 3 duck eggs, 1 liter of young coconut meat, 1 cup of young coconut water, and 3 tablespoons of sugar is made. Given once a week.


# A pile of castor leaves (Jatropha curcas Linn) soaked in brine is stored in a clay container for several months. Drink the solution 1 tablespoon once a day for cows. Water can be added to the container if needed.

Those are appetite stimulant for goats we can try. good luck

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