moringa for quails

Moringa For Quails Increase Egg Quality

Benefits of Moringa leaves for quail feed?

Some of the leaves can be used as poultry feed. Also included as quail feed.

But, the condition is that the nutritional content of the leaves must be good. The protein value must be high and the crude fiber very low.

Examples of these leaves are cassava leaves and Moringa leaves.

Cassava leaves have high protein content, but the crude fiber is also quite high. Also, cassava leaves contain anti-nutritional content of cyanide acid.

Moringa leaves have high protein content and lower crude fiber than cassava leaves.

So, if you want to use Moringa leaves as quail feed, you will get the benefits, among others.

high nutritional content of Moringa leaves.

High nutritional content is needed by quails. Especially if it is in the layer period.

Not only is it high in nutritional content, but the amino acids from Moringa leaves are also balanced. Besides, the active compounds contained in it can be used as a source of vitamins and antioxidants.

Thus, with complete nutritional content, egg production will be more optimal.

Improve the quality of quail eggs.

From the research that has been done, giving Moringa leaves in quail rations can increase the quality level of egg yolks.

More details about the research, later at the bottom of this article.

Save on feed costs.

Some requirements must be met for the benefits of this one. Namely, the moringa leaves that are obtained must be free.

But this doesn’t seem easy.

Moringa leaves are widely known as a herbal plant. Also, Moringa leaves are used in beauty products.

Therefore, there will be fierce competition to win this Moringa leaf stock.

The solution is?

Grow your Moringa plants.

How to use Moringa leaves for quail feed

If you want to use Moringa leaves as quail feed, the leaves must be made in the form of flour.

This is because if it is in the form of flour, it will be easier to mix with other feed ingredients.

How to make Moringa leaf flour is like this.

moringa for quail

Look for moringa leaves. If you can separate the leaves and stalks.

Furthermore, the Moringa leaves are dried. Drying can use sunlight or a dryer, oven for example.

A combination of sun and oven is also possible. Dry the sun for 6 hours, then oven it for 6 hours too.

The temperature for the oven is 60 degrees Celsius. If the temperature is too high, the leaves can turn to charcoal. If it’s too low, the drying process will take too long.

After the Moringa leaves dry, then grind them. It’s up to you, you want to grind it using a machine or crush it manually. The important thing is that the results can be smooth.

For a homogeneous flour, moringa leaves that have been ground can be sieved. The smaller the sieve size, the finer the flour will be.

The nutritional content of Moringa leaves

The nutritional content of Moringa leaf flour is in the image below. This value is based on research conducted at IPB Bogor.

moringa leaves nutrition for quails

Moringa leaf flour for laying quail feed

After we get Moringa leaves in the form of flour, we can use them as a mixture into the feed.

The amount of moringa flour in the mixture is 5%. However, according to research, if the amount is as much as 10% is still not a problem.

So, if the total feed is 10 kg, then the standard feed is 9.5 kg and the moringa leaf meal is 0.5 kg.

The standard feed I mean is commercial feed or self-concocted feed whose nutritional quality has met the needs of laying quails.

If it’s still unclear, please read this one article first.

Making quail feed yourself is cheaper. Here is an example.

This mixed ration can be given in a normal amount, which is about 20 grams per head per day.

With this mixed ration, it turned out that the performance of laying quails was not disturbed. This means that production is still normal. [1]

To be more sure, the normal quail production in numbers can be seen in the picture below.

quail production by moringa


On the other hand, if Moringa leaves can be obtained free of charge, the cost of feed will be more efficient.

Moringa leaf flour improves the quality of quail eggs

Still in the same study, but different, Moringa leaves can improve egg quality.

Moringa leaves that are used remain the same. The same is made in the form of flour. How to make it like the steps above.

The amount of Moringa leaf flour is 5% in the ration.

And it turns out, the quality of the eggs produced is not inferior to standard feed quail, even a little better. [2]

In numerical terms, the values ​​are as follows.

moringa for quails

The most visible difference between these results is that the yolk color increased drastically. From those with standard feed, the value was 0.23, with the addition of Moringa leaves, the yolk color increased to 10.

I think that’s all for this article. Please share if you think this article has benefits.

See you again. thanks.


[1] Atsilah, Ishmah. 2016. Performance of Quail (Coturnix-coturnix japonica) Period Layer Rationed with Moringa Leaf Flour and Fulvic Acid. Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology, Faculty of Animal Science IPB Bogor.

[2] Suhada, Subika. 2016. The Effect of Using Moringa Oleifera Lamk and Fulvic Acid on Quality of Quail Eggs. Department of Nutrition and Feed Technology, Faculty of Animal Science IPB Bogor.

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