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DIY Quail Feed Formula For Feeding Quail for Eggs

There some quail feed formulas that we can find in this post. Although part of the information does not relevant to your region, the mid-end post shows us how to make quail feed formula at home. Those formulas are scalable. We can determine how much we will crude protein for our quails.


This quail feed formula, I created based on the culture and season in Indonesia. Thus, there may be some differences.

Therefore, for raising quail with the purpose of profit, please take a look at this guide.

In Indonesia, quail feed sales are quite open. Information is easier to obtain. Not only for the price of quail feed but also for its distribution.

For the price, it looks like you need a currency converter. So you can know what kind of quail price in our region when compared to your region.

At the end of this article, there is a formula for making quail feed itself. But, the price is based on local prices in our region.

Let’s go and happy reading.

Laying quail food brand

A lot of quail food products are manufactured by a large feed factory. Like Charoen Phokpand, Java Comfeed, Wonokoyo, and many others.

In addition to these three large factories, there are still some products from other factories. Such as PT. Mulia Profeed, who is in Purwodadi Central Java and UAB in Bekasi West Java.

The rest may still be many, but I cannot mention them one by one.

Each quail feed products are successful in the market and some are less successful.

I mean, some quail feed products are easy to get and many retailers that sell it. While some other products, quite difficult to find it or only in certain areas of circulation.

Some brands of quail feeding that many circulating in the market are as follows.

PP-3 (Pt. Wonokoyo Jaya)

quail food for layer quail by PT. wonokoyo

The nutritional content is as follows.

BP104-Bravo (PT. Charoen Phokpand)

Information about this product is quite difficult to find. So I have not found the nutritional content, information and price. If you know it, please share it in the comments field, if you wish.

SINTA – (PT. Sinta Prima Feedmil)

quail food for layer quails by PT. SInta

This laying quail feed by SINTA is used for quail layer age 5 weeks up. The factory is in Cileungsi Bogor while the administrative office is in Jakarta.

Looks like this feed is more easily found in West Java.

There are two forms of feed. First in the form of flour and the second, crumble. But both have the same nutritional content.

From the its website, the nutritional content is in the table below.

For the price, according to a review from a blog I read, the price is above average.

ProQuail (PT. Mulia Profeed)

This Laying quail feed is made by PT. Mulia Profeed. Its production location is in Purwodadi, Central Java.

Information about the nutritional content, I can not give. But it seems that if the poultry feed products have been distributed, its nutritional content has met the standard.

The price of laying quail feed is quite affordable. Per 50 kg its price about IDR 275 thousands. This price is based on my online observation.

If it has not gone up yet, then ..

So far, that’s all the laying quail feed products I can tell you. If there are any additional products please add in the comments.

Quail layer feed formula

To make quail food, the ingredients should contain protein, carbohydrates, fat, fiber, and minerals.

Proteins should be obtained from animal protein and vegetable protein. If imposing only vegetable protein, still can be. But usually, the results are not as good as if there is animal protein.

Typically, raw materials for making the feed are Fish Meal, Coconut Cake, Soybean Meal, MBM (meat bone mill), Rape Seed, Poultry by-product, DL-Methionine, Fur meal, Vegetable oil, coconut meal, pollard, peanuts, canola, leaves flour, vitamins, calcium, phosphate, and trace minerals.

Choose materials that are easy to obtain, cheap, and stock available for a long time.

The easy way is making laying quail ration with a way like making a ration for laying hens.

Namely, the ingredients are concentrate laying hens, bran, and corn.

This is because special concentrate product for quail laying is very rare.

Below I will provide information on laying quail feed that can be used as an alternative feed.

moringa for quails, papaya leaves for quails,

Quail nutrition requirements

Before making laying quail feed, the first thing we should know is the nutritional needs of quail feed.

We can see it in the article quail farming business plan. Because I do not want you to bother, then I just give the picture below.

Nutrition content in the image will be our standard to make layer quail feed.

How to make quail feed at home?

For example, we will make a feed from concentrate, corn, and bran.

We must know the nutritional content of these three ingredients. The nutritional content is as follows. [1]

ME: 3,360 Kcal / kg, WATER: 10-13%, CRUDE PROTEIN: 9%, FAT: 4.1%, CRUDE FIBER: 2.2%, Ca: 0.02%,: P 0.29%.

ME: 1850 Kcal / kg, WATER: 11.7%, CRUDE PROTEIN: 10.1%, FAT: 4.9%, CRUDE FIBER: 15.3%, Ca: 0.08%, P: 1.36% .

Laying hens concentrate

ME: 2500 Kcal / kg, WATER: 13%, CRUDE PROTEIN: 30-32%, FAT: 3-5%, Crude FIBER: 6-8%, Ca: 3-4%, P: 1-1.5%.

We try to make a formula of quail feed with 50% concentrate, 40% corn and 10% bran.

For example, we make a ration of 10 kg, then each to concentrate, corn and bran are 5 kgs, 4 kgs and 1 kg.

Now, we calculate the nutrient content of the feed.

Calculate it using this formula.

FI: TR x NFI = NV.

FI is the amount of feed ingredients. In this case, the FI for concentrate is 5 kg, 4 kg of corn and bran, its BP is 1 kg.

TR is the total ration. In this case, the total ration is 10 kg.

NFI is the nutritional value of feed ingredients. These nutritional values such as crude protein, fat, fiber, and so on.

The NFI value for each material that we will use, already above.

While NV is the nutritional value of the rations that we have created.

How to calculate it can be seen below.

How to count protein content DIY layer quail feed

The protein content of corn

(4 kg: 10 kg) x 9% = 3.6%.

The protein content of bran

(1 kg: 10 kg) x 10,1% = 1,01%

The protein content of the concentrate

(5 kg: 10 kg) x 31% = 15.5%

Then, add up all the protein content of each feed ingredient. The total is 3.6% + 1.01% + 15.5% = 20.01%.

How to count Metabolic Energy layer quail feed

Metabolic energy from corn

(4 kg: 10 kg) x 3360 Kcal / kg = 1344 Kcal / kg.

Metabolic energy from bran

(1 kg: 10 kg) x 1850 Kcal / kg = 185 Kcal / Kg

The metabolic energy of the concentrates

(5 kg: 10 kg) x 2500 Kcal / kg = 1250 Kcal / Kg.

Then sum up all the metabolic energy of each feed ingredient. 1344 Kcal / kg + 185 Kcal / Kg + 1250 Kcal / Kg = 2779 Kcal / Kg.

Like that. The exact same way can be used to calculate fat, fiber, Ca and P.

Quail feed formula, alternative 1

The composition of feed ingredients is:

Corn 30%,

35% bran,

10.05% SBM,

Poultry meat meal (PMM) of 18.3%,

Premix 0.2%,

Lysine 0.1%,

Methionine 0.1% and Lime 0.24%.

With this feed composition, according to laboratory analysis [2], the nutritional content is as in this figure.

quail feed formula

SBM is a soybean meal while PMM is a poultry meat meal.

Suppose we will make a ration of 10 kg with the composition above, then the amount of each ingredient  is as follows:

3 kg of corn, it costs IDR 3500 / kg.

3 kg bran, it costs IDR 2500 / kg.

SBM 1.005 kg, price IDR 12000 / kg.

Poultry meat meal (PMM) 1.83 kg, price IDR 6500 / kg

Premix 0.02 kg or 20 gram, the price is IDR 40000 / kg

Lisin 0.01 kg or 10 gram, it costs IDR 35000 / kg

Methionine 0.01 kg or 10 grams, it costs IDR 65000 / kg.

Lime of 0.024 kg or 24 grams, it costs IDR 2000 / kg.

Then the cost that we spend to make a ration like this is,

Quail feed formula, alternative 2

In addition to the above feed formula, other formulas may use such ingredients.

Corn 49%,

38% Soybean meal,

Fish meal 7.5%

3.5% MBM,

0.5% CPO,

DCP 0.2

CaCO3 1%

Dl Methionine 0.3%.

With this feed composition, according to laboratory analysis [3], the nutritional content is as in this figure.

quail feed formula


[1] http://bumiternak-betha.blogspot.co.id/2012/05/normal-0-false-false-false-en-us-x-none.html

[2] Elly Tugiyanti, Rosidi and As’ad Khoirul Anam. The Influence of Leaf Flour (Artocarpus altilis) on the Production and Quality of Quail Egg (Coturnix-Coturnix japonica). Faculty of Animal Husbandry, University of General Soedirman. 2017 Agripet: Vol (17) No. 2: 121-131.

[3] Nurhidayat, Irfan. 2013. Effect of Papaya Leaf Flour on Starter Period Performance (0-4 Weeks). Department of Nutrition Science and Feed Technology Faculty of Animal Husbandry IPB Bogor.

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