How to Plant Shallots From Bulbs

How to Plant Shallots from bulbs? I’ve done it in pots and my shallots are growing well. I grow it from bulbs. I’ll show you later. It’s like some of my other plants. That is, red spinach and sunflowers in a pot.

How to grow onions in pots can be said to be one of the options that can be chosen when you want to cultivate onions. The advantage of this shallot cultivation is that we can get many benefits from it.

It’s a big mistake if you think that red onions are only for cooking spices. Because there are so many benefits for human health. This is because there are quite a lot of nutrients contained in it.

But despite all that, it seems quite interesting to have your own onion garden next to your house. Well, to make it happen, it looks like you should learn how to grow onions in pots right away.

Where can shallots grow?

Shallots can be grown in the lowlands to medium. The proof is that there are no mountain farmers who grow shallots. Slightly different from growing garlic.

Those who plant a lot of shallots are even farmers on the coast.

This is because shallots can grow well at an altitude of 0 – 800 meters above sea level and at a temperature of 25-32 0C.

In full, the requirements for growing shallots can be seen in the image below.

how to plant shallots from bulbs
How to plant shallots from bulbs?

The image above is just a requirement. We must not forget about good tillage, fertilization, pest control and watering.

Shallots need full of sunlight. Possibly because onions have small leaves.

Thus, its ability to uptake nutrients is relatively low. To overcome this, the onion must get longer sunlight.

How to Choose Superior Shallot Bulbs

how to plant shallos from bulb

In the cultivation of any plant, seeds have a very important role. This means that whatever type of plant you want to cultivate, it is highly emphasized that it comes from superior seeds.

Likewise when you want to cultivate onions from bulbs. The first step you have to do is look for superior shallot seeds. If that’s the case, then what are the characteristics of a good onion to be used as a seed?

Previously you had to know if this onion plant was grown by planting its shallots. That is, you just need to find the best shallots to be used as seeds.

The characteristics of shallots that are good for seeds are shiny, not porous, not exposed to pests or not seen being damaged by pests. Then choose shallots with a weight of about 3 to 4 grams.

Now, after you find the superior shallot seeds, soak them first using Organic Hormone liquid for 10 minutes a day before you plant them.

After that, don’t forget to sprinkle it with Trichoderma and Gliocladium powder. You can easily find these two powders in grocery stores. This is intended to prevent disease in shallot seedlings.

Review of red onion seeds

Shallots seeds, which are seeds, are a cheaper alternative. However, it is difficult to grow them.

I’ve tried 1 small pack, factory packaging, nothing grows.

Meanwhile, this time, I used seeds from bulbs which happened to have sprouted.

How to Plant Shallots from bulbs in Pots

How to grow shallots from bulbs begins with preparing the tools and materials. In this case, what you have to prepare is shallot bulbs, polybags, fertile soil, fertilizer, and sufficient water.

Well, after you have prepared everything, now is the time for you to put it into practice. This is how to plant shallots using polybags:

The first step, first flush the planting medium (soil) until it has sufficient moisture.

The second step, enter the soil that you previously fertilized.

The third step, before you plant shallot bulbs, first cut the ends of the bulbs about 1.5 cm. The goal is that the shoots can grow faster. Only then, insert the bulbs into the soil. Remember, the onion bulbs that you cut earlier, are facing up.

Or seeds can use like me. That is, onion seeds that have sprouted. But maybe later the bulbs will not be as much as if the ends were cut.

There are a few tips related to how to plant shallots in this polybag. The tip is to avoid burying the whole shallots seeds into the soil. The goal is that the seeds can still get air, sunlight, and also enough nutrients for growth.

Note: the humidity of the growing media must always be maintained. Because the onion seeds do not grow deep in the planting medium.

The surface of the planting medium will dry very quickly. Even though the bottom media is still wet.

At least it should be watered twice a day sufficiently and not excessively, because we only need to keep the surface of the growing media moist.

Keeping Shallots Until Harvest Time Comes

Nurturing growth is also an important part of growing onions from bulbs. In this case there are two main activities that you should do. Both are:

Nutritional Provision

Nutrition is very important to do. The goal is very clear. With fast nutrition, onion seeds will thrive. In addition, harvest time can be shortened.

The first nutrition you should do is after the onion is 7 days old. The action is to spray NPK by leaking it. Thus, the growth of onions will be faster.

Planting shallots from bulbs, using NPK is enough. However, for a larger scale, the fertilizer dosage may be different. Given there must be effectiveness and efficiency of production costs.


watering shallots can be manual or using drip drops as in the picture above.

Onion plants should be watered twice a day. Watering is done in the morning and evening. Flush with sufficient water.

Pest and Disease Control

For pest and disease control, it is better to use integrated pest control using natural ingredients. However, if it is deemed less effective, the last option is to use chemical pesticides.

Pests on these shallots are numerous. Attacks can come from insects, bacteria and viruses.

The list of pests that usually attack shallots are as follows:

Onion caterpillar.
Army caterpillar
Leafminer fly
stray dogs
warehouse moth
Trolls or purple spots
Feather dew or fake flour
Fusarium wilt or mole.
Secospore leaf spot

An example of a pest attack as shown below.

Broken shallot leaves. At first it was possible that it was pecked by a chicken. But, look at the image below.
There is dirt that looks a bit strange. Still under investigation.

Photo of how to plant shallots from bulbs in polybags

how to plant shallots from bulbs

how to plant shallots from bulbs

how to plant shallots from bulbs

how to plant shallots from bulbs

how to plant shallots from bulbs

When to harvest shallots?

Shallots can be harvested after 60 or 65 days. However, there are actually special characteristics of shallots ready to be harvested. Shallots that are ready to be harvested when the tubers pop up to the ground. In addition, the leaves fall.

In contrast to growing red spinach in pots, which can only be harvested in 3 weeks.

When harvesting, remove and clean the dirt. After that, dry in the sun. The goal is not to damp. Well, if stored in the right way, these shallot bulbs can last 1 to 2 years.

how to plant shallos from bulbs
How to plant shallots from bulbs – Harvest time

how to plant shallots from bulbs

Benefits of Shallots for Health

After knowing how to plant shallots in polybags, as additional information, it never hurts to know what the health benefits of shallots are.

Because many research results have proven that there is enough content in red onions to have considerable benefits for health. Examples of the benefits that can be obtained from red onions are:

Prevent cancer

The content of anthocyanins and quercetin in red leaves is said to have the ability to inhibit cancer cells in the body. This means that onion can be used as a natural way to prevent cancer.

Prevent Inflammation

The content of quercetin in onions has the ability to relieve inflammation. This means that red onions can be used to reduce or prevent inflammation in the body.

Maintain Eye Health

Onion also contains vitamin E and antioxidants. This is why red onions can also be used to maintain the health of your eyes.

Launch the Digestive System

It turns out that red onions are also efficacious for the digestive system. This is thanks to the fiber content in it. Fiber is very good for the growth of good bacteria in the digestive system. So that the digestive system in the body is maintained properly.

Maintain Bone Health

Many research results show that red onions also have properties for maintaining bone health. One of them is to prevent premature bone loss. It is also said to be able to maintain high bone mass.

Improve Sleep Quality

For sufferers of insomnia or other types of sleep disorders, the solution is to regularly consume red onions. The high content of prebiotics in onions is said to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

Well, that’s some of the benefits of red onions for health. For those of you who want to cultivate your own shallots at home, you can choose how to plant shallots from bulbs.


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