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Quail Farming Business Plan – 1000 Birds Egg Quail Production

Quail farming for beginners

For beginners, quail farming should be sideline business. But, if You really sure on this track, so this business can be your core business.

Why I said it as sideline business?

Because to be the core business, and you want get big money from it, you have to raise a lot of birds.

But, if birds that raised a lot, for sure there are any stuff to be prepared.

You need to prepare for capitals, skills and mentality.

For 1000 quail birds only, we can get the profit about 1,5 – 1,7 millions rupiah (IDR). This amount if used for live in the big city, like in Jakarta, Bali and Yogjakarta, its not sufficient.

If wanna more income, we have to add more birds for looked after.

Its ok. Although the amount of quail that we kept are little, but it will not interfere with our main activities.

That means, you can still move for your main income. Whereas quail farming, for temporary still being as an additional income.

Although the number is still small, no problem.

What is important, any business can still be pursued as long as it can produce. With consistency, slow but sure it will be in line with our expectations.

Provided that we should not despair, stop and quit from the line.

Is quail farming profitable?

This quail farm business still has a very big chance as long as the product of this business is much in the interest.

In Indonesian version of this article, we can see that this business has positif trend for years. I hope the same thing happen in your area too.

So, you can continue reading this article to get more information about this business.

Quail bird information

Quail is a bird of poultry, including bird species but smaller in size.

Adult female quail weighs 130-150 grams.

Feed required as much as 20 grams per bird / day.

If the quail is widely circulated in Indonesia, is the type of Coturnix coturnix japonica.

Just like laying hens, the quail also has a time when quail begins to lay eggs, egg production is highest, and production stops or rejects.

Quail can start laying eggs at age of 35 days.

Peak egg production at the age of 5 months old quail.

The optimal egg production period of the quail is for 14 months.

While quail will really stop laying and can be rejected after the age of 2.5 years.

So, as a whole the quail growth phase can be divided into three stages.

The first period is the starter (0-3 weeks), (2) the grower period (3-5 weeks), and (3) the layer period (more than 6 weeks).

The thing to look out for is that this quail has a cannibal trait.

So, the density of the cage needs to be considered so that the quail do not harm each other.

In addition, feeding is also given regularly, in order to prevent the cannibal nature of the quail.

After this, we will know about the factors that can support quail egg production.

Quail production and manajement

Some of the following factors are very important to support the expedite production of quail eggs.

This aspect should also be considered. Because if the production factor is disrupted, it can cause business to fall apart.

Factors such as production cages or locations, seeds, feed and medicines and vitamins.

Quail cage size

Apart from being a place to live, the cage also serves as a place for egg production.

With the cage, egg production will be more regular. This can make the activity of taking quail eggs more effective.

Therefore, the quail cage should be made as comfortable as possible for the quail.

The birds on the cage should not be too dense.

For the cage area of 1 m2, it can be filled with adult quail as much as 40 birds.

If the size of your cage length 100 cm x width 50 cm x height 35 cm, then the cage can be filled as many as 20 quails. A maximum of 25 birds, it still can be.

The cells height should not be too high. The optimal cell height is between 30 – 35 cms.

If the cage is made vertically, the distance between the floor and the cage roof (underneath) is made around 10-20 cm.

The first cell was made rather high, ie between 35 – 40 cm from the ground.

This in order to the cage floor is not so affected by the ground moisture.

Do not think if more filled, it will be more efficient.

The amount of quail that is too much in one cell, can reduce the production of eggs.

Too loose also leads to less efficient egg production.

According to the study, the cage with size 62 cm x 50 cm x 26 cm, the best production quantity filled with 12 birds.[1]

62 cm is the length while the width is 50 cm. So the area of the cage is 62 cm x 50 cm = 3100 cm2 = 0.31 m2.

If the standard for 1 m2 is 40 birds, then for 0.31 m2 the amount is as follows:

(0.31 / 1) x 40 = 12.4 birds.

Quail cage prices

The price of this quail cage is between $ 50- $ 60 / set. This price is based on my online observation.

The price does not include shipping costs. The shipping costs maybe vary for different shipping regions.

For business plan purposes, I always take the highest price. So, I consider the price of the quail cage is $ 60 per set.

If we want to keep the quail as much as 1000 birds, then at least we need 3 sets of cages.

Thus, the total cost for this cages is $ 180. Again, this price does not include shipping charges.

Feeding quail for eggs

Whatever the feed to be used, the feed should have the following nutritional content:

The price of quail feed is usually not informed openly. This is one of difficulty to make this quail business plan.

But, we can still get information from the ecommerces. The information on the quail feed price I got was about $ 18 for 20 kgs.

So, the cost for each kg of feed is about $ 1.1.

Per day, layer quails need 20 grams of feed per fish.

This provision is the safe amount in order to the quail is not lack of feed.

Feeding quails for twice a day, ie morning and evening.

Mornings are fed around 6 am while the afternoon is around 3 pm.

While drinking water is available at all times.

Layer quail birds

Laying quail should be sure to have good quality. It’s useless if the cage and feed is good, but quail seeds are not qualified.

Later in the end, egg production is also less satisfactory.

Buy a quail layer from a breeder you know. If you do not have acquaintances, be patient first.

Find the information as much as possible. Now, the information about quail breeders is getting easier.

It can be obtained from person to person or also from the internet.

It is physically and visually good quail can be observed directly. However, regarding genetic quality, only the breeder knows.

If you are in any doubt about buying a quail from an agent, take a quail layer from a long-time farmer in quail breeding.

The reason is this.

An experienced quail breeder, seldom sells seeds that are less qualified. This is because it will drop its own reputation.

As much as possible, they will usually preserve their image that they are producing qualified layer quail seeds.

Hence, if you want to get quality layer quail,you should be a little patient. No need to rush.

Visually, a good laying quail is as follows:

At least 4 weeks old.

The size of the body of the medium layer of the quail is between 1.5 – 1.6 ounces or 150 – 160 grams.

Quail in healthy and passionate condition.

Quail are not cannibals.
Its eyes are clear and straight.

Quail comes from the parent offspring whose have well ability to lay eggs. This last point is only his own breeder knows. Please find the information.

How much cost if want to look after 1000 laying quails?

The quail price is starting from $1 – $5 per bird. It depends on the its age.

For beginners, I suggest to buy quail at 4 weeks old at least. At this age, we only need about 1 – 2 weeks to wait until the quail starting to laying.

Beside that, 2 weeks is enough time to adapt the quail with new condition, like cage and new environment.

So, if we want to have 1000 layer quails, we need about $5.000.

Quail Farming Business Plan – 1000 Birds Egg Quail Production Analysis

Now we can begin to estimate what kind of financial potential will be gained by running this quail livestock business.

The first time before starting this quail cultivation business we have to invest capital first in the cage, quail of females ready for laying and some equipment.

Adaptation needed for 1 – 2 weeks. And I considered to take 2 weeks for this.

So, for this time, we have to feed the quail and there is no quail egg production.

If we give each bird with 20 grams feed every day, then for 1000 birds, we spend feed for 20,000 grams or 20 kgs.

For two weeks or 14 days, the total feed we need is 20 x 14 kgs = 280 kgs.

If the price of feed is $1.1/kg, so the cost of feed for adaptation time is $308.

Operational cost every month

The operational cost is dominated by feeding quail. Exclude that there are another, like vitamins, water and electricity.

But, I think its to technical. So, I consider to count the feed cost only.

Every month, we need total feed as follow:

20 grams/birds/day x 1000 birds x 30 day = 600,000 grams = 600 kgs.

Then, the cost for those are 600 kgs x $1.1/kg = $660 every month.

Income from selling quail eggs

I consider the production of quail eggs is as much as 80%. So, if there are 1000 quails, then every day we get quail eggs as much as 800 eggs every day.

If we sell one egg for $0.2, so every day we get 0,2 x 800 = $160.

Apparently, this quail business is very promising.

After this we can estimate how much we earn each month. In addition we can know when this business can reach its breakeven point.


The price used in this business analysis is based on online observation only. The actual price can be very different.

Price location used is in UK.

The price used does not include shipping cost, egg packing fee, vitamins and taxes.


[1] Sipayung, Paingat Pardamean. 2012. Production Performance and Quality Quail Egg (Coturnix – coturnix japonica) On Different Density Cages. Essay. Department of Animal Production Science and Technology Faculty of Animal Husbandry IPB Bogor.


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