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The Basics of Goats Breeding

Goat Breeding Mindset

Goat breeding, in order to succeed, is determined by several factors. The main and most important factor is yourself.

Two goat breeders can buy goats with the same kind and genetic quality. Then bring back the goats to their farms. However, the resulting goat livestock product may vary.

Goat farming is like an art. Goat breeding is more easily seen as an art than considering it a science.

There is a myth that tells us that not everyone has a goat breeding talent. This talent can be said with “natural ability”.

However, with perseverance and continuing learning, success in raising goats is not impossible.

Every goat breeder should have a connection with her goats. “Connection” in a different meaning.

Trying to think like a goat. Thus, goat breeders can understand the needs of goats and goats will give the best results.

Specify Locations and Housing


The choice of goat cage location should be really taken care of.

Between the location of the farm and the number of goat population must be balanced.

The population of goats that are over crowded can cause goats stress, sickness, injury, even to death.

Goats are animals that are vulnerable to parasites, both external and internal parasites.

Regarding the kinds of diseases and parasites I have written in several separate articles. Please find it yourself yes. The article is on this blog.

A very dense population can cause goat health problems. If health is disturbed, then, the business will also be disturbed isn’t it?

How much land is needed?

Actually, there are no written rules for the number of goats per specific area.

Farming goats should start small first. Unless we have big money and able to recruit employees to take care of it.

Slowly, we can learn to be successful in breeding with the amount now owned.

Up to this point, there is still much to learn. Among them is learning how to keep the goat away from the parasite.

It may take a long time. Maybe even yearly, in order to be succees. This is because raising goats is a long-term business.

Provide quality feed

Quality feed has a big role for goat health. Healthy goats grow better.

Goats have a fast metabolic system. Thus, they are difficult to develop with low quality feed.

Feed that contains too much lignin is difficult to digest by goats, because goats can not digest crude fiber as in cows.

Providing nutrient-poor feed is a disaster and keeps farmers out of the competition.

Not only have an effect on health, good feed also directly determines the productivity of goats.

Daily weight gain is highly dependent on the quality of feed. This can make goats its development to be normal and faster.

In addition, if normal development, the period of goat lust can be timely.

After that, goats can quickly get pregnant and the benefits are in sight.

Selection of goat parent

Good goats are produced from good buck and doe too.

This good category can be seen in terms of genetic and physical.

Step selection of goat seeds is an important factor in determining the development of goats.

The hope is that goats can soon breed and produce quality kids.

Thus, the expectation to gain profit becomes greater.

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