caring for calathea

How to Care For Calathea Multicolor to thrive and look perfect

It should be realized that calathea requires special handling so that its appearance is more perfect. So, do you know how to care for calathea?

Calathea multicolor is an indoor plant. He likes the dark and damp atmosphere.

how to care for calathea

If placed in an area with lots of light, this plant can be problematic. This can make the plant not perform as expected.

For those of you who have calathea multicolor, please take a look at the information on how to care for calathea multicolor which is shared here. The following are the main points in maintaining calathea.

Why do calathea leaves turn yellow?

The yellowing of the Calathea leaves could be because this plant is watered too often, resulting in too much water. Calathea doesn’t like too much water, so try reducing or stopping watering first.

Growing media

One of the keys to supporting plant growth lies in the media used to place it. The medium must be appropriate. The goal is for plants to grow perfectly.

Regarding the planting medium, this calathea requires a light planting medium. That is, the medium can absorb water and also easy to experience evaporation.

The medium is not too hard which makes it difficult for plant roots to spread. Likewise, it is difficult to find nutrients in the soil.

Ideally, the media is made of a mixture of soil, husk or cocopeat. This mixed media allows plant roots to more freely explore or spread.

In addition, this media is also more awake moisture. In fact, it makes it easier for water to come out so it doesn’t cause the area to be flooded.


How many times to water the calathea plant?

Watering calathea once a day is enough. Can be watered every day every morning or evening with sufficient water. Do not let the planting media become muddy. That’s not good for Calathea.

caring for calathea

Like other plants, Calathea Multicolor also likes slightly more humid areas. However, that does not mean if the area is flooded.

You should be more observant in providing these needs. Try to water it, the planting area is only moistened with water.

So, when is it time to do watering? Watering is most ideal when the surface of the growing media begins to dry.

Of course, this method requires the care of the plant owner. This means that the owner must routinely check the condition of the media every day.

When the media looks dry, then the plants need to be watered. Of course, watering is done regularly.
Then, no less important, how to care for calathea multicolor related to watering should use clear water. That is, the quality of the water is very good.

At least the water doesn’t contain chlorine. If it contains this substance, it is feared that plant growth can be problematic.

To make sure the water in your home is free of chlorine, you can settle the water overnight. This precipitated water can later be used to water Calathea multicolor.


how to care for calathea
Can Calathea be in the house?

Yes, calathea can be placed indoors or at home. Place it in a bright corner of the house but not exposed to direct sunlight.

Keep in mind that this multicolor calathea has a high sensitivity to light. That is, this plant has a tendency to grow more optimally when it is not placed with light.

If this multicolor calathea is exposed to too much light, the beauty of the color scheme of the plant can change. In the end, his appearance will be less attractive.

Realizing this, you should keep your plants away from light. Be it from sunlight or light.

Try to keep this plant in an area with minimal light. That way, the appearance of this plant will be much more captivating.

Area Humidity

how to care for calathea

Another treatment that should be carried out by the owner of the calathea plant is to maintain the humidity of the area as desired. This is one of the important requirements in growing plants perfectly.

The humidity required is about 50% of the humidity in the room. With this moisture, the plants will be more fertile and the leaves will be more beautiful.

To get around more humid areas, you can place a tray filled with gravel and water. Then, place the pot containing the plant on it.

This method can be used to maintain humidity. Because this method allows the gravel to avoid being submerged in water. Then the water underneath will evaporate so that it can maintain the humidity of the plant area.

Calathea Multicolor fertilizing

how to care for calathea

Fertilization is also very important even though calathea color does not really need a lot of nutrients. However, this fertilizer can help it in maintaining the plant body parts to be more awake.

For example, the leaves can continue to survive without drying or wilting. In fact, fertilizer can encourage the emergence of tillers to new shoots.

Regarding the provision of fertilizer, give it once a month. Of course, make sure that the dosage is in accordance with the dosage.

Its function, plants do not die because of too much fertilizer. Or, lack so that growth is delayed.
For the type of fertilizer, we can use NPK or gandasil fertilizers. Regarding how to use it, it’s usually already in the package. We can also provide vitamin b for this calathea.

Troublesome Calathea

caring for calathea

When the plant has started to grow and there are many seedlings, of course you need to move this multicolor calathea to a new place. To do so, do so with caution.

Prepare a larger pot and provide the desired planting medium. If you have, lift the plant along with the soil/media that was previously only a few percent.

Try not to break the roots when removed. Then, move it to a new pot that is larger than the plant.
After transplanting, water the plant. The assumption is, the media begins to coalesce and the soil begins to become damp.

Those are some ways to care for Calathea multicolor that you can try at home. Practice, then you will see this ornamental plant brings out its best side in beautifying the room.

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